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Past Awards

SCPA John Roitzsch Outstanding Achievement in Psychology Awards History

1985 Robert V. Heckel

1986 Not Given

1987 Not Given

1988 D. Oliver Bowman

1989 David E. Clement

1990 Thomas W. Mahan

1991 Margaret B. Luszki

1992 Herman Salzberg

1993 Alfred J. Finch

1994 Mervyn K. Wagner

1995 Spurgeon Cole

1996 Dean G. Kilpatrick

1997 Robert L. Brown

1998 Not Given

1999 John C. Roitzsch

2000 Connie Lee Best

2001 Salvador Macias,III

2002 Linda S. Moore

2003 Michael Kollar

2004 Bonnie Montgomery

 2005 Scott Shaffer, PhD, ABPP

2010 Marion O'Neal

2011 John Ellsworth

2014 Jonathan Bassett

SCPA Outstanding Contributions to Psychology During the Past Year Awards History

1988 David E. Clement

1989 Conway F. Saylor

1990 C. David Tollison

1991 Dean G. Kilpatrick

1992 Brenda O'Reilly

1993 Anna and Joel Heffler

1994 John R. Ellsworth

1995 Pamela Carlton

1996 Linda S. Moore

1997 Bonnie Montgomery

1998 David E. Barrett

1999 Patricia Connor-Greene

2000 Patricia Connor-Greene

2001 Frank Budd

2002 Not Given

2003 Stephen Sprinkle

2004 Julia A. Jacobs

2010 Barbara Van Dahlen

 2012 Michael Sullivan

2013 Shirley Vickery


The Kendra Ogletree Cusaac Outstanding Psychology Teacher of the Year Award

1989 Mike Jordan

1990 Salvador Macias,III

1991 William Rothstein

1992 Robert V. Heckel

1993 Diane Follingstad

1994 Patricia Connor-Greene

1995 Herman C. Salzberg

1996 D. Oliver Bowman

1997 Conway F. Saylor

1998 Kelly D. Chappell

1999 Tresmaine Grimes

2000 Tresmaine Grimes

2001 Charles L. Brewer

2002 Robert B. Castleberry

2003 Darlene Shaw

2004 George R. Holmes

2011 Jonathan Bassett

2012 Kendra Ogletree-Cusaac 

 2014 Michele Burnette

2016- Justin Bailey

2017- Rhea Merck

SCPA Outstanding Contribution to Psychology by a Non-Psychologist Awards History

1988 Isadore Lourie, Senator

1989 Denisa Garner, SCPA Executive Director

1990 Tom Mullikin, J.D., SCPA Lobbyist

1991 Not Given

1992 Thomas Alexander, S.C. House of Representatives

1993 - 1994 Not Given

1995 Michael R Daniel, J.D., SCPA Lobbyist

1996 Denisa Garner, SCPA Executive Director

1997 Scott Beck, S.C. House of Representatives and Stephen Lanford, S.C. House of Representatives

1998 Not Given

1999 Brad Hutto, Senator

2000 Donna Mack, SCPA Executive Director

2001 -2003

2004 MidNet (website host)

 2014 Patricia F. Glenn, Executive Director - SC Board of Examiners of Psychology

SCPA Special Recognition Awards History

1989 Linda Moore, for "the relentless and selfless effort expended in her dedication to the public welfare and the ethical principles of psychology, in forwarding the passage of the client confidentiality bill through the S.C. State legislature.”

This was the first ever Ethics Award.

1993 Corry Robinson, "for her years of dedicated service to children and families in S.C.” as Director of the Human Development Center at Winthrop College.

1997 Brett Steinberg, Graduate Student Representative to Executive Council

1998 Salvador Macias, III, and Robert Castleberry

1999 Robert Castleberry , SCPA Webmaster

2000 Karen Bentley Perry, Graduate Student Representative to Executive Council

2001 Judith Root, Contributions to the Ethics Committee; Paul Doerring, Contributions to the S.C. Board of Examiners in Psychology; Ben Rigby, Graduate Student Representative to Executive Council

2002 Ronald T. Brown, Public Education Campaign Coordinator; Scott Shaffer, Chair, Membership and Dues Restructuring Task Force; Mary Maclachlan, Representative to APA Business of Practice Network; Livy Fogle, Graduate Student Representative to Executive Council

2003 Frank Budd, for ongoing contributions to the field of psychology; Kim Driggers, Graduate Student Representative to Executive Council

2004 Anna Griswold, Ethics Committee Chair; Melanie Livet, Graduate Student Representative to Executive Council

 2014 Presidential Awards: James Ruffing, PhD  (SCPA Disaster Response Network)
and Katherine Nordal, PhD (Executive Director - APA Practice Organization)

Academic Day Psychology Bowl Winners

The first Psychology Bowl was held on Academic Day 1994.

1994 Clemson University

1995 Lander University

1996 Lander University

1997 Anderson College

1998 Charleston Southern University

1999 College of Charleston

2000 Francis Marion University

2001 Lander University

2002 College of Charleston

2003 Winthrop University

2004 Clemson University

2013 Furman University

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